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For Property Owners

Amiga Properties partners with homeowners to provide a steady, reliable, worry-free passive income, with fewer interruptions of their lives than renting directly to tenants.


We sign the lease, furnish and maintain your property

ensuring it is professionally cleaned regularly,

market to our reputable clientele of traveling professionals

or displaced families,

and we guarantee your steady monthly income stream. 


Your home deserves the utmost care.

Amiga Properties goes the extra mile to ensure that happens and that your passive income goals are supported. 


Partnering is easy...


Learn more.

Let's get in touch!

We are happy to answer your questions and learn more about your property. If it is a mutual fit. Amiga Properties will sign the lease to rent your home.


We get to work.

We will fully furnish and equip your home with everything our mid-term guests may need to feel at home. Amiga Properties will vet the most reputable tenants to stay at your property and throughout the lease we will have your home professionally cleaned and provide general maintenance at no additional cost to you. 


You get to relax

Say goodbye to all those

tenant interruptions.

We got this. 

Now that your investment home is bringing in the worry-free passive income you need, you get to relax.

See if your property qualifies

If you think your property might be a good fit, lets get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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